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X-Treme Race Trailers

A race trailer has to be tough. It has to look good, even after miles and miles on the road, and it has to perform. You want a trailer equipped with features you need and conveniences you expect. That trailer can only be a UNITED Xtreme Race Trailer.

Standard Features:

  • .050 Smooth Aluminum Exterior
  • Taped Exterior Metal w/Drive Rivets at seams
  • 16”  On Center floor and walls
  • 2” Adjustable King Pin on GN
  • ¾” Plywood Floor
  • 3/8” Plywood Walls w/ Aluminum Overlay
  • Aluminum Roof
  • 4” Aluminum Bottom Rail
  • 48” Double RV Door  w/Lock
  • Ramp Door w/Spring Assist and Beavertail
  • LED Lights

Race Trailer Custom Sizes Available
Race Trailers Cargo Trailers Race Trailers

Standard Sizes Available:

EXTREME TAG    8 x 24      EXTREME GN    8 x 36     
EXTREME TAG    8 x 28      EXTREME GN    8 x 40     
EXTREME TAG    8 x 32      EXTREME GN    8 x 44     
  EXTREME GN    8 x 48